After struggling with Fibromyalgia and other mental health issues for most of her life, Brenda Mary Love is now well. This is the story of her struggles with the many symptoms of Fibromyalgia, such as chronic fatigue, depression, chronic pain, cognitive brain fog, loss of libido, and mood swings resulting in confusion and her loss of self.

Brenda did not accept that there is no cure for the diagnosis her medical advisors gave her. She searched and studied with practice until she found solutions from the holistic and metaphysical community.

She is a grateful enthusiast of life who has experienced drama and trauma that has led to many disappointments, illnesses, and addictions. She is working on full recovery to healing without pain and addiction.

To deal with her struggles and life lessons already taught her. She uses and practices alternative healing methods to heal herself and others and is on a journey to become healthy and whole. She also uses the Law of Attraction for manifesting what she needs and desires.

Her hope for the future is to help others experience life with more vitality and inspiration. To help them feel connected to others and experience life more awesomely. She aspires to be a well-known Energy Healing practitioner and Health and Wellness Life Coach. To help and guide others to recognize the challenges and lessons that life has presented them thus far.

Brenda is currently developing practices and methods to help guide and coach others who are suffering from illness or low self-worth. To develop their SPICE for living life that may include working on the blocks in their life, causing them to be out of balance in these areas:

  • Spiritual – your purpose and connection with something larger than yourself such as nature, life, Spirit, God creator of all that is, your higher self or consciousness.
  • Physical – your physical body and environment, that takes into consideration the whole body, and its requirements for food, water, air, sun movement and rest; the material world and our interconnection with it.
  • Intellectual – the ongoing development of your mental mind to acquire wisdom and knowledge of your world and your perceptions of it.
  • Communal – the social relationships and communities in which you live, work, or play.
  • Emotional mindset – the feelings you experience both, positive and negative usually brought on by your beliefs and programming from childhood throughout adulthood.

She believes that as spiritual beings having a human experience, we are all worthy of living a healthy and vibrant life. We deserve more, despite our past dramas, traumas, programming, dis-eases, or medical diagnosis.

Brenda teaches and practices self-actualization techniques using positive self-affirmations and coaching, combined with many other alternative healing methods. You can explore these with her as she guides you on your journey to self-fulfillment and discovery to be inspired to create the future you desire.