It was a Wonderful Day at the Winnipeg Healing Connections Festival

It was a very divine and inspirational day at the Winnipeg Healing Connections Festival on Sunday, where I was a participant and presenter. I had a wonderful time speaking with other spirited individuals and presenting on my book Change Your Life – Despite the Diagnosis and business my Divine Wellness Coaching.

I hope everyone there had a great time, it sure appeared that they did. If anyone who purchased jewelry, my book or had a mini card reading, could let me know how you had such a great time, that would be awesome.

If you are interested in any of my Wellness workshops or coaching for those of you who want to live with great health and energy with a Spice for life. We can meet online or person to person, I would be happy to hear from you. Please go to my Divine Wellness Coaching website: and provide me with your email and we’ll do a Discovery talk together.

How to Go from Stuck to Action to Empowerment

If you’ve ever been stuck in a rut of inertia—in your life or relationships—you know the sense of helpless futility that seems to take over.

You want your life to change, but you feel powerless to do anything about it yourself. You may find yourself constantly making plans to improve these areas, but never quite get around to taking action because it seems so intimidating.

Though taking action might feel intimidating and frightening, it’s also a secret weapon you can use to empower you and make you fierce! If you learn to use it effectively, it can provide the fuel to keep you moving forward toward more fulfilling circumstances.

When you do this, you realize that there was never anything to fear in the first place, and you’ll quite possibly never get stuck again. Below are three simple steps that show you how to get started:

  1. First, be sure you understand that your life is the way it is right now because of your hesitation in taking action. This is important because you’ll understand the importance of moving forward no matter how anxious it makes you feel at first.

Then, decide on one action to take to get the ball rolling. Think about your life right now, and ask yourself which situations you want to change first. You might choose your relationships, health, financial situation, business networking or anything else that makes you feel powerless and stuck.

Then think about one simple action you can take to inspire some positive change. It doesn’t have to be a huge action, just SOMETHING to start building momentum. It’s time to become fierce!

  1. Once you’ve decided on your action step, you’ll have to push yourself to take it no matter what. This may seem incredibly difficult or even scary, but remember that most often the things you fear are not going to happen. FEAR is also known as False Events Appearing Real. In fact, you may not even have a clear reason for feeling scared—you’re just afraid of the “unknown.”

Give yourself a pep talk or push yourself in any way you have to in order to move forward at least a little bit. After you take that first step, be sure to let go of any expectations of the things that will happen because of it, and allow yourself to feel great simply because you did something about it.

  1. Repeat with the same step and/or others. Once you’ve taken one step forward, you’ll need to keep pushing yourself to take others. Consider this: even if you take a hundred small steps in a month, you’ll be putting forth a positive effort to make changes in your life, which cannot help but bring about better circumstances.

The good news is that taking action quickly begins to build momentum. Just like chronic non-action can create a cycle of negativity and stagnation over time, being proactive can create a positive cycle that continues to grow. It gets easier the more you do it, which eventually makes it seem almost effortless.



An Invitation to My Book Launch and Book Signing Events

Hello, friends and all who are part of Brenda’s world in social media-land and elsewhere. If you haven’t heard already, I’ve written and published a book. It is some of my stories from the past that I’d like to share with you and your loved ones. I’m sure some of you will even recognize or have heard of the events. Or maybe they just relate or resonate with you.

For most of you who may know me as a friend, colleague, sport or dance enthusiast, or rebel with a cause (you know who you are;). Depending on the timeline of our history together, you are in my thoughts of appreciation. And I want you to know what I’ve been up to these past days.

And for those of you who do not know me very well, well here is your chance to get a glimpse of my world of ups and downs and everything in between. And if you know of anyone who has been through any kind of bullying and abuse in their life, they may also be suffering from Mental health issues or Fibromyalgia. So be gentle with them.

As you may or may not know, I’ve become a lot of people in my life. I’m a chameleon of emotion depending on who’s in my life. I’ve been unhappy, lost, unfulfilled, undecided, and scared about what to do with myself. I’ve asked, Is this all there is? Was I destined to be stuck in soul-sucking jobs and involved in crappy love relationships? I searched and never found what I was looking for, until now. Why? I was looking in the wrong places and seeking comfort in the material realm of my existence.

When I awoke from the perpetual hangover, I used to block my pain, I finally realized what motived me, moved me, inspired me to feel worthy of a fabulous life. The jolt was captivating and insistent. Because guess what? The answer was inside me and around me. I resolved to change. We all can Change our Story. What a radical concept! Which is why I wrote my book.

Although I believed there were no angels or guides at my life-changing event. They were there, by my side, I just needed a nudge to allow them in, again. At my darkest of nights, there was no glimpse of the holy. Just me. Alone. Shaking my fist at the world and proclaiming, “I will survive!” (Cue Gloria Gaynor). It was a “spiritual” calling for me, and it had a wicked sense of humor. My Universe became wrapped in a relationship of love, peace, discovery, hysterical laughter, tears and relief. Geez! I thought as my future unfolded, I need to share this! I’ve walked this path and I can help people avoid some of the deep, ugly pit-holes.

If you think the Universe has it in for you and you’re lost and unsure of what’s next, this is a reminder that you’ll be okay, no matter what the outcome. I believe your worth is not something to ignore, and it’s not negotiable. You can demand that your needs, wants, and desires are met. Dream and follow those dreams, ask more from yourself than you’ve been willing to accept before, be powerful, feminine and masculine, be silly, laugh, cry and make a difference. You deserve to be proud of yourself and what you do. Do you truly think you’re destined for the worst or the most mundane life has to offer? Bah! I don’t believe it and neither should you.

My book talks about the challenges and weaknesses that I’ve experienced, with some that I am not so proud of and some that I am. Be forewarned; there are some ugly parts and some lessons with blessings. There are some rock-bottom moments and others where I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel. I talk about the discoveries I’ve found out about myself and others and the changes I needed to make to survive and thrive. I talk about my achievements and setbacks, where I’ve been and where I am now and where I want to be.

I invite you to come out and celebrate this fantastic achievement with me, and hopefully, there will be others. I’ll be at my newest venture in the world of metaphysics and holistic healing located at Paradise of Reality in St. Boniface, here in sunny and friendly Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Paradise of Reality 2nd floor – 383 Provencher Avenue
Parking is available in the parking lot or on the street.
Date: December 19, 2019
Time: 4:30 – 7:00 PM
Refreshments will be available

My book is available to purchase that I will sign for you or on behalf of your loved one. However, if you cannot make it to any of my events please email or text me and I will get a copy to you some other way. Or if you feel you are ready to explore your “why’s” I invite you to book a treatment.

For every book sold, I will be donating 10% to a non-profit organization that supports counseling services for men and women experiencing abuse and or affliction experienced from it.

For those of you who I have recently friended from the various groups that I am involved with and from the friends of friends, I appreciate you being there for me. If you cannot make it to this event, you can find out more about me and my book at and it is now available personally by me or at,, and other online bookstores.

If you cannot make it out to my events I am able to get my book to you some other way, so please email or message me. Or, if you feel you are ready to explore your “why’s,” I invite you to book a treatment with any of the qualified practitioners listed at the website.

I hope that we can create a world free from conflict and be in harmony with oneself, each other and the Universe. Namaste.

The overall Motivation for me to write my book were many

All of us have had an experience of feeling powerless and disempowered. Especially when we have people in our life who don’t agree with our lifestyle or views on life. Their words and actions can be devastating and can lead to lifelong trauma if the situation is serious enough. We may not even know when our power is being taken from us, due to our programming while growing up.

We’ve probably also experienced moments where we felt empowered and we were able to move through the experience with our dignity and choices intact. Having personal power is an important part of our well-being and requires knowing how to set boundaries.

Living in and amongst people who thrived on having power and control over others, I’ve learned how to set boundaries and became aware of when to do so. This is what inspired me to write my book. While writing my book and contemplating my stories and becoming more aware of them, they’ve helped me overcome some of my life challenges of dealing with chronic fatigue, losing weight and overcoming addictions.

I’ve realized that I am empowered to make my life much more exciting, healthy and worthwhile. Although it takes some self-discovery and learning how to love and care for yourself to do this.

The goals for my book are to tell my stories that although have led to mental health illnesses, I hope to remove the stigma of this illness that most of us endure due to the complexity of life.

I believe exposure to the dramas and traumas has contributed to my mental, emotional and spiritual well being. And eventually led to physical symptoms of pain and suffering.

If the cause of your illness or ailments is left untreated, a person may spiral into sadness, hopelessness, depression, or in the most extreme cases, addiction to food, drugs or alcohol. By sharing my stories and challenges, I hope to help others see that there is hope when they are willing to make positive changes in their life by seeking out alternative therapies or professional counseling. As you may come to know habit change is not easy and some of us require counseling and guidance in this area.

I do have faith and will strive to assist others to find their “why” to their suffering and challenges. I now believe that I’ve experienced dramas and traumas for reasons that I may assist others on their journey of discovery. With all my life experiences and education in health and wellness, I’ve come to realize that I am now a holistic expert. As a Holistic Practioner, I will strive to become more compassionate and aware of other people’s challenges. As you may have experienced we all become better at something once we practice doing it wholeheartedly.

I really find it challenging myself and am hurt by it. The behavior of others I know, who are so addicted to a substance that they would risk the relationship with you if you do not give in to their demands. Now, this is what I call emotional blackmail. This is when we need to voice our boundaries and be assertive. Anyway, it is easy to forgive and move on to a better relationship.

The overall theme of my book is to help you Change Your Story

The overall theme of my book is to help you Change Your Story – despite your diagnosis or prognosis for a bleak future of living with the disease. I want to give hope to you and others suffering from pain and addictions or any other challenges you are experiencing. Especially those of us who’ve been bullied and stifled by those that we trusted to encourage and support us. Or you may have decided to love and trust another only to be railroaded into mental and emotional abuse not realizing until much later that the relationship was a toxic one.

Most of the relationships I’ve had have led to the heartbreaks I’ve endured. I have almost lost hope for finding and being able to experience a loving and caring relationship. But I encourage you not to give up on loving and trusting others, It is all that we have to give freely to each other and it is what makes life worth living.

The goals for my book are to share my stories that although have led to emotional breakdowns and mental health illnesses, have also made me realize that life is good and is in our ability to make it better. With perseverance and a desire for something better, I want to show ways to help you overcome your challenges.

When one allows the effects of the drama, trauma, and tribulations in life lead to dis-ease and diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and burn-out. These symptoms of dis-ease are reminding us of our need for life balance and self-discovery that we may no longer deny.

As I have stated in my book I refer to my diagnosis as “the diagnosis” as to not label myself as these, for we are more than what others label us to be. However, overcoming and healing may require you to work with your health care provider and explore other alternative therapies to ensure you are being the best version of who you want to be.

It may be as simple as ensuring that our basic needs of survival are being met, that is for nutritious food, drinking enough water, getting some fresh air and being with nature; getting some vitamin D from the sun and incorporating physical movement in our daily lives. If any of these are less than optimal we may become imbalanced and suffer from mild to chronic ailments.

Being out of balance in any of these could affect our outer world, or our communal and social relationships; our spiritual connection to something greater than ourselves; our intellectual development; our physical and environmental health and our emotional state of well being.

If any of these imbalances are left untreated, a person may have dis-ease and spiral into depression and/or addiction or suffer from other ailments. By sharing my stories and challenges, I hope to help you and others see that there is hope to becoming healthy and whole when you are willing to make positive changes in your life by exploring other alternative therapies, coaching or counseling.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are all prone to addictions or unhealthy habits. An unhealthy habit, such as overindulging in food or other unhealthy substances to mask our emotions becomes habitual. As you may come to know habit change is not easy and some of us require counselling and guidance in this area. I do believe and will strive to assist others find their “why” to their suffering and challenges and find their way to a more fulfilling life.

I now believe that I’ve experienced dramas and traumas for reasons that I may assist you and others embrace your journey of discovering the true you. With all my life experiences and education in health and wellness I’ve come to realize that I am now becoming a holistic expert.

My persistence to overcome and learn new ways of coping and dealing with the trials and tribulations of life have made me realize how vulnerable and at the same time strong we become when facing our challenges.

To Your Health and Success,

Brenda Mary Love

What inspired me to write my book?

I’ve been suffering with Depression and low self esteem for as long as I can remember which is most of my life. I have allowed others to take my power away by their mistreatment of me and felt taken advantage of. If this sounds like you, may I suggest we confront this issue together.

Your see, I now want to live a healthy lifestyle and be confident in my abilities. I want to let you in on my story of then and now and how I am becoming well and loving life to its fullest.

I no longer want to be the victim of my circumstances or historical issues. I want to learn how to deal with my diagnosed symptoms in the most natural and authentic way. I want others to know that this world is a good place to be. I wrote my book based on my past experiences because I felt that they may have contributed to my illnesses. Besides my own self sabotaging ways, I have allowed others to mistreat me. However,  along my journey there have been many positive people supporting me.

I don’t want my past or the past of my people to drag me into a negative spiral of self-loathing and feeling sorry for my self. I’ve seen the effects of what living in the past can do to a person that is not very healthy. Life is tough and this cannot be denied, but if problems are met head-on and dealt with keeping hope and faith, things do turn around for the better. I consider myself a living example, and I’ve been encouraged to acknowledge this. I want to encourage others to change their outlook, so they may also change how their life story turns out for the better. I do not want to see others suffer like most of my family and siblings did, due to unresolved conflict and family karma. But to live according to our dharma, which is for the good of all.

I always strive to be positive even if, at certain times, I feel run down and exhausted. Although these days, I am exhausted in a good way knowing that I am working towards my own health and helping others find theirs. I still have the aches and pains stemming from the Fibromyalgia, but I know when my body needs rest and TLC and I take the time to give it the care it needs.

If you need help on adding some self care to your daily regimen, stay in contact and I will show you a way to work this in to your daily activities.

To your Health and Success,

Brenda Mary Love

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome. My name is Brenda Mary Love, author of Change Your Story—Despite the Diagnosis. I’m so happy to have you as a visitor to my blog about my new book. This project is very special to me, and I hope to share some of that excitement with you here.

I’ll be using this blog to interact with you about Change Your Story—Despite the Diagnosis, expanding on some of the topics in it and blogging on some of the ideas related to my book. This is a great place for you to get to know me, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you, too. What did you think of Change Your Story—Despite the Diagnosis? What questions do you have for me? How do you relate to my book?

I’ll be returning here frequently with new posts and responses to feedback from you. Until next time, tell me a little bit about yourself.